Graduation Day Quotes and Text Messages

  • After All
    by Aaron Ramos do I always remember those days,
    Why do I always remember those nights,
    Coz they were the most precious days of my life. TheĀ bunks we did together in those days,

    The pranks we played together in those days,

    The screaming of teachers in those days,
    The racing and crashing of bikes in those days.D partying and night outs in those days,
    The crap cooking we did in those days,
    The fighting for small things in those days,
    The liking every third girl in those days,
    I still remember those days,
    Every second my heart calls back those days,
    Coz i still remember my friends of those days,
    I can never forget those precious days,
    As they are my most charming school days.

  • Very well done, dear (daughter/ son) You’re special through & through. You’ve had sucess with flying colours I’m so very proud of you. You were once a helpless baby,But, even then I knew, You had strength and determination, To always see you through.
  • As what we always say, Farewell for now til we meet again. Another step, another chapter of your life. These Graduation quotes may bring back memories of the wonderful time that you’ll forever miss.