Father’s Day Quotes and Text Messages

Father’s Day Messages

  • To my Dear Tatay, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU! Even if you’re not that very vocal as do most fathers, I know how PROUD you are to all of us, your children. I may not have lots of fond memories with you (due to life’s circumstances), I know you love me and is very proud of me. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY po!
  • Dad, You deserve a Father’s Day filled with the nicest things- like the joy that comes from sharing favorite memories and from knowing how much you’re loved and appreciated for the special father you are.

    Father’s Day Message from Daughter

    • Im So Glad that you’re my father. Without you, I don’t know where I am now. Thanks for all the kisses and hugs..I just wanted to say that how much I love you even sometimes I do something that you’ve not expected for me. =(  Sorry if I Lost Your Trust
      But NOw.. I WIll Promise That i will Be A Good DAughter Of U.. SOrry Tay For THe Things THat Ive Done. Sorry If Im Not W/ u Ryt Now On This COmming F’sD. I Don HvE Any Gift THat I WIll Give TO u.Tay, Its Me Jane.. Ehe.. Hapi FAthErs DAy TNx For BEing My TaTay For Me Ur The best Dad That I Ever Known.. Ehehe ^^- tnx FOr EVerything.. Ilove YOu..  Hapi Fathers Day TO ALl. =)   – From – Jhanexhen